June 17, 2014

ANISAMA 2014: Yoshino Nanjo, OLDCODEX, and Kalafina added to the lineup

ANIME ROSAMA Live 2014 -ONENESS- will be held at Saitama Super Arena on Friday, August 29, Saturday the 30th, and Sunday the 31st. Additional artists have been confirmed and announced. Yoshino Nanjo and Petit Milady have been added on to the 29th, Kalifan has been added on to the 30th, and Peach MAKI and OLDCODEX have been added onto the 31st. Petit Milady consists of Yuki Aoi and Ayana Taketatsu. Peach MAKI is a character from TV anime “HOZUKI NO REITETSU” that is played... Read More

January 1, 2011

Yoshino Nanjo

In December 2012, she made her solo debut “Catalmore”, and soon she started singing theme songs for TV anime such as “Tokyo Ravens”, “Grisaia no Kajitsu”, and “Grisaia no Rakuen”. In April, she released “Zero Ichi Kiseki” as the ending theme song for a TV anime “Netoge no Yome ha Onnanoko Ja Naito Omotta?” She is to go onto five-venue tour in September to promote her second album released on the 13th of July. Official Website: http://nbcuni-music.com/yoshino_nanjo/ Twitter:... Read More