March 20, 2013

Joined Together by Disaster Recovery Support Efforts, 1,800 Fans Come to Youmou & Ohana’s Taiwan Live Show

Youmou & Ohana held a one-band live show at the ATT SHOW BOX 1 in Taipei, Taiwan on March 2. The approximately 1,800-member audience of locals was mesmerized by their performance. The two members of Youmou & Ohana were given a warm welcome by their local fans when they held their live show. Hana Chiba, the vocalist, seemed astonished that the crowd was livelier than she had expected, saying “Honestly, I was surprised because more people came to our one-band live... Read More

February 25, 2013

Youmou to Ohana / Live in Taiwan

Youmou to Ohana’s song ‘Fuyu no Uta’ was used in a TV commercial as a thank-you message by Interchange Association Japan(IAJ), an organization that facilitates interaction between Japan and Taiwan, for Taiwan’s support for the disasters caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake. This commercial has been aired since March last year and has drawn a lot of attention from the viewers. Soon, many people became interested in getting to know Youmou to Ohana and their music that... Read More

January 1, 2011


Members: – Hana Chiba (vocals) – Born January 31, 1979, from Toyama. – K. Ichikawa (guitar) – Born July 25, 1981, born in Shizuoka. Youmou to Ohana (“Wool and Flowers”) is a Japanese acoustic guitar duo. Their name is a combination of guitarist Ichikawa’s nickname “Wool” and vocalist Chiba’s first name. The members were recruited over the Internet in July 2003 and began their activities as a band in 2004. Their first recorded release in 2007... Read More