August 29, 2013

YUKI’s official YouTube channel now open, 27 music videos released all at once

The official YouTube channel of YUKI, who released her new single “STARMANN” on August 21st, is now open. This official channel has released short-version music videos of 25 of her singles, ranging from her debut song “the end of shite” to her latest single “STARMANN.” You can also watch the music videos for her limited-distribution single “Biscuit” and for her album song “Sekai Wa Tada, Kagayaite.” Check out her music videos, from pop-style works to ones... Read More

January 1, 2011


YUKI is one of the most respected female artists in Japan. She first rose to fame as the singer of rock group JUDY AND MARY but nowadays composes music that is a little more lighthearted and features a more polished, mature sound. She also works as a model and has released books featuring her thoughts and drawings. Despite her sweet voice and appearance, YUKI is often described as energetic and sometimes even rebellious. She uses feminine elements in her work in a sympathetic... Read More