September 17, 2015

ZEN-LA-ROCK Launched a Crowd Funding Project for The First Collaboration EP “the Funkluv” with a Korean Rapper KIRIN.

ZEN-LA-ROCK’s new song “Tropocal Triangle” has been selected as Red Bull Energy Drink THE SUMMER EDITION campaign song. Now he has announced that he will collaborate with KIRIN, a Korean rapper taking over the street hip hop scene, on the upcoming EP “the Funkluv”. For this collaboration, he launched a crowd funding project through a website called CAMPFIRE, to fund for the music video, KIRIN’s travel expense to Japan, starting September 15th. The two met... Read More

January 1, 2011


FUNK PLAYA and founder of ALL NUDE INC. Born in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture. He is also known as “COMBINATE FUTURE”, named by Rammellzee himself. He was labeled “FUNKY” by fans of AFRICA BAMBAATAA’s fans when he jumped onto their stage performed during their show. In 2007, released his first album “ZEN-LA-ROCK”, which featured big-name artists such as Robochu (Dassen 3), YOU THE ROCK★, Chinza DOPENESS, BRON-K(SDP), NORIKIYO(SDP), Cypress Ueno although he... Read More